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Every time I sit down at my computer or my journal to write a blog, I consider where you may be in your lives, what you may be facing that’s hard or what you may be facing that excites you! I wonder how you are and how your lives are going. I want you to know I don’t write these lightly or without thought. Neither do I allow myself to write them when I feel like, “just get it done!”

Why do I tell you this? Because I want you to know my heart for you. If you are thinking, “she doesn’t even know who I am,” true. But here’s the thing. Even if I’ve never met you, my heart is for you. Why? Because you are human. If you are a living human being, I care about you.


We all are working our way through this thing called life. We are all ‘figuring things out,’ trying to know the meaning of life, discovering, and feeling. Of course, some have hardened their hearts to not feel much, or built up boundaries to not think too deeply. But we are all together in the living; walking across the earth in our little apportioned places.

If we get quiet, we feel deeply. If we get still, we think thoroughly. If we get serious, we are affected. My challenge to you is to go ‘there.’ Go intentionally to the places that are scary. You will benefit, and likely, so will many around you!

My point is this: you are valuable.

We have things in common because we are humans. We are together in this weird journey and you matter. My heart for you is to care about your life, to show you your heart matters, to help you (with whatever gifts I may have) get wisdom on how to live better – just the next step. My heart is for you.

You, whoever you are, wherever you are, and whatever you’re facing – YOU matter to me, you matter to Father.

Much love to you my fellow humans. <3

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  • Samey Jo

I’m spoiled. I know it. No one has to tell me. And I don’t mean spoiled in the sense of no good for anyone anymore. Nor do I mean spoiled, i.e. ungrateful. I am spoiled in the sense of blessed, and yet I still have whining moments (of which I’m not proud). I have been given much. I am thankful for it all. And yet… stuff doesn’t mean happiness.

I find myself in moments still whining, still complaining, still feeling like I wish things were different. And it is in these moments I feel convicted, embarrassed, foolish. What is wrong with me?! Why, when I’ve been given so much goodness, am I such an ungrateful child? Do I need more? Do I require the world to bow before me and serve me in every way?! (I might enjoy that, smile.) Then do I still feel sad or disconnected or lacking? (I can write this because I know I’m loved even during my bad attitude.)

What will it take, Sweetheart? What will it take for you to feel happy, at peace, living full?

What is it you yet need?

I could make a list.

The reality is…a thankful heart will shift it all. This is what science says, what the Bible says, what a counselor or a coach says. I know this because I am one. This is what I say to my clients. Find the good, embrace the present. Live in the moment. See what you can see. Enjoy the little things. Choose happiness.

I agree with all these things. If I were sitting in front of myself, coaching myself, what would I say? I would ask, how are you and Jesus? Are you connecting with Him? I would give myself space to ‘vomit’ out all the reasons I’m not happy.

And then…the first step would be given. Of course, all of the above: find the good, be thankful, be present, etc. BUT ultimately, the ‘answers’ are always found in the same place.

“Come away with me, My love, my fair one, rise up and come away. Winter is past; the rain is over and gone… Arise, my love, my fair one, and come away.” (Song of Solomon 2:10-16)

He knows love changes everything. His love – poured all over you – and you being ‘away’ from it all (which can mean just hiding in a closet), able to receive. His love, you being loved, changes it all. The heart's posture, the mind’s thoughts. You, loved You, changes every single thing. When you are loved, and feel loved, it will indeed make you happy and peaceful, giving you the ability to BE who you have been made to be.

Happiness comes in being loved.

I know this is true from experience AND from the Promises He gave. I am loved, so if you’ll excuse me, I need to go… I need to ‘come away’. I need to go be loved on.

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HELLOOOOOOOO! Happy 2,020! It’s not only a new year, it’s a whole new 10 years!

Can I be super honest? I have had a really hard time getting inspired for the new year. I’ve felt very blah about lots of things but especially about blogging… like what do I write? What should my focus be? How can I help people?

If you’ve followed me much at all, you probably saw this coming – due to the lack of consistent blogs posted the last couple months of 2019. I can excuse it as holidays and ‘busy’ and family (which all has merit) … But truly, I think it’s a lack of ‘feeling’ inspired.

But here’s my approach: I won’t condemn myself or judge myself. I recognize the feeling of ‘bleh’ (there’s no other way to describe this feeling) and then I go, “well…what am I going to do now? Do I wait for inspirational FEELINGS to hit? Do I force something I’m not feeling and do what I SHOULD? Do I just write and be real?” Obviously, I chose the third option. smile.

No condemning, no judging, but seeing and feeling and then choosing. Herein is the forward movement. I come and write and be honest and don’t try to force anything. Herein is rest. Just be and know I won’t be here forever. Herein IS the inspiration!

I feel, even AS I write, the inspiration coming… It’s okay to be here. The quiet space of no inspiration is an open ground for seeds to drop in and be fed and watered. Furthermore, in the reality of this space is the timing factor! Maybe my silent lack is perfect timing for the seeds of the new year to be planted and fed and watered. Who knows what beautiful things can be grown in this season?

I sit here. I listen and observe. And I wait…

I am thankful.

One quick side note: One inspiration I HAVE had was Father nudging me. I was just listening to music and felt Him say, "This is your song for the new year." So, I don’t have a word for the new year, haven’t made a resolution, but I have this song. And I like it! Maybe you will get a song! If you do – tell me about it, I’d love to hear!

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