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I just wanna quit. Wow, great way to start the new year, Sugar! But, in this moment… sigh.

I’m tired of trying to make a difference and feeling incapable. I’m done trying to get my social media right and only doing half of what I could be. I’m sick of all the “need to’s” and not seeing lives impacted. I am, today, insecure. I feel like a junior high kid struggling to see who I am. I want to ask those around me to tell me who I am and find out if they like me. So junior high!

I want to quit coaching and teaching and just spend my days exercising, crocheting, painting, creating things, designing rooms, alone…

This is not the real me and I know it.

A quote recently, which I feel so very deep in my soul, is what continues to run through my mind and I find it both comforting and frustrating:

“I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time. Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult.” E. B. White

YES! Exactly! My deepest heart simply wants to bring people into a beautiful relationship with God, to help people have loads of fun, and to revive Eden, you know, the garden God put Adam and Eve in?

This seems like it screams to me over and over again, in millions of thoughts, in ever continuing phrasing and verbiage, it calls to me and I run to it, hoping to grasp it and bring it to not only my reality, but to everyone I know. I want to change the world – to show it its’ loving Father who longs for it to connect to Him and His heart.

I want people to have fun, I believe we were created for it. (And this doesn’t mean Disney World, beaches, and party’s day in and day out. It means fun throughout the day – even when work is happening. Fun in work. Fun in life. Eden – perfection).

I want everyone to understand the gospel – not the rules and regulations and theology of it all but the simple truths… He loves you, He gave His life for you, He wants to be with you both now and after you die. And He made it possible. So, decide if you want to be with Him or not – easy enough.

And then… days like today happen.

I feel incapable of it all. I question my gifts. Am I good enough? Can I really make a difference? Hasn’t everyone heard this and already made their choice? Does it matter if I keep saying these things? I question the very thing I teach – Identity. Who am I? Does my voice matter? Does the time I spend on these things truly make a difference? Am I good enough? (This one comes up usually multiple times when I’m in this space.) And do people like me? (As I write this all the little soldiers that guard me and keep me from being “too vulnerable,” whatever that is, are standing at the ready and chanting in unison: “Quiet, quiet, quiet. This is dangerous”).

Maybe I’ll go find a beach and sit there, doing nothing, for the rest of my life. But I know the restlessness inside won’t let me do that. I know the Truth will tap me on the shoulder

and remind me that I matter, my words matter.

Don’t settle – even if you feel aimless or incapable. And soon enough I will again feel the goodness of all that Father has created in me. I will feel every bit the child in the super-hero costume.

I will rise again in the Father’s joy and hope inside of me; I do indeed matter. I can, without doubt, change the world. My words are worth the ears and eyes they fall on.

And so our yours.

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Hello Friends!

Been thinking…

What if I give it all? What if I choose a life from rest? What if I choose me?

I haven’t written a blog since March 2020, yes, it’s been a while. One of the things I decided in April or May was to do the things that feel life-giving when it comes to my website. I had been doing blogs and posts and such as some sort of business strategy, not a bad thing at all. But I have decided if there’s no joy in it to not kill valuable time doing it. This decision, in itself, has been life-giving. I have saved time and realized how much I was doing in lots of areas of life that didn’t feel life-giving. I know for some of you more driven friends, this may sound concerning. Yet I wonder… what would happen if you did this in your life?

No, really, I’m asking …. What would happen?

I know there are a lot of “well, what if…” and “you can’t…” and “ain’t nobody gonna be successful like that” happening in your head right now. Some of you reading this may be sputtering all sorts of sentence fragments and maybe even a few choice words. Take a breath. Consider.

If, instead of laying down your entire life for your husband/wife and your kids and your boss and your friends, you chose you? What if you chose some downtime to just do what you wanted?

Essentially, I’m saying what if you do what Jesus did?

Our culture tells us to run, be busy, do all the things to climb that ladder. Our religion tells us to serve, sacrifice, and lay down our lives for everyone else. Our friends and family tell us they need us, all in different ways.

Jesus says, “Come away, labor to enter into rest” (which is to say fight and work hard to make time for you and me). You realize the same religion that says sacrifice and serve is built on the ONE who withdrew, who went to quiet places, who had time alone, yes? This preaching of serving each other should also include the preaching of rest --choosing time for you, choosing quiet time and places of rest.

When we run ragged, there is no joy in serving. It becomes a drudge and a dread. Doing the things that bring life and joy HELP YOU serve with JOY AND ENERGY!

My question is this: What if you took such impeccable care of yourself that you were able to serve from joy and energy?

This seems the better way to live. Acting like Jesus. This isn’t selfish. This is love!

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Hey Y’all

Every time I sit down at my computer or my journal to write a blog, I consider where you may be in your lives, what you may be facing that’s hard or what you may be facing that excites you! I wonder how you are and how your lives are going. I want you to know I don’t write these lightly or without thought. Neither do I allow myself to write them when I feel like, “just get it done!”

Why do I tell you this? Because I want you to know my heart for you. If you are thinking, “she doesn’t even know who I am,” true. But here’s the thing. Even if I’ve never met you, my heart is for you. Why? Because you are human. If you are a living human being, I care about you.


We all are working our way through this thing called life. We are all ‘figuring things out,’ trying to know the meaning of life, discovering, and feeling. Of course, some have hardened their hearts to not feel much, or built up boundaries to not think too deeply. But we are all together in the living; walking across the earth in our little apportioned places.

If we get quiet, we feel deeply. If we get still, we think thoroughly. If we get serious, we are affected. My challenge to you is to go ‘there.’ Go intentionally to the places that are scary. You will benefit, and likely, so will many around you!

My point is this: you are valuable.

We have things in common because we are humans. We are together in this weird journey and you matter. My heart for you is to care about your life, to show you your heart matters, to help you (with whatever gifts I may have) get wisdom on how to live better – just the next step. My heart is for you.

You, whoever you are, wherever you are, and whatever you’re facing – YOU matter to me, you matter to Father.

Much love to you my fellow humans. <3

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